Lightfields is a compelling supernatural drama set on a remote farm on the Suffolk coast. The story follows three families that each lived in Lightfields farmhouse at different time periods but who are linked by a spine-chilling presence: the ghost of a teenage girl who died in mysterious and tragic circumstances.
Dakota Blue Richards (The Golden Compass, Skins), Sam Hazeldine (Bridget Jones, The Raven), Jill Halfpenny (Eastenders, Waterloo Rd), Kris Marshall (Love Actually, My Family), Danny Miller (Emmerdale), Antonia Clarke (Skins, A Mother’s Son), Lucy Cohu (Gosford Park), Danny Webb (Life Begins), Neil Jackson (Upstairs Downstairs), Karla Crome (Misfits) and Sophie Thompson (Four Weddings and a Funeral) all join the cast.
Lightfields is a brand new story and original script from writer Simon Tyrrell (She’s Gone, The Vice) following on from the hugely successful drama Marchlands which debuted on ITV in 2011 and secured a place in the top ten most watched dramas on television across all channels that year. Like Marchlands, Lightfields has been developed from an original US pilot called ‘The Oaks’ created by David Schulner for Twentieth Century Fox Television.
The five-part drama, commissioned by ITV and produced by ITV Studios, opens in 1944, in wartime Britain, where we meet fresh young teenager, Lucy Felwood (Antonia Clarke), who lives and works on the farm with her 9 year old brother, Pip Felwood (Larry Mills), and parents, Martha Felwood (Jill Halfpenny) and Albert Felwood (Sam Hazeldine).
When worldly teenager, Eve (Dakota Blue Richards) arrives as an evacuee from London with her little sister, she and Lucy become friends. Although her parents have their eye on a bright and ambitious local boy for their daughter, Lucy’s head is soon turned by Eve's beau – dashing, dangerous American airman Dwight (Neil Jackson). As Lucy is increasingly drawn to Dwight, her childhood friend, Tom (Danny Miller), can only watch jealously from the side-lines.
One fateful summer evening, a fire rips through the hay barn and a family and local community are torn apart by grief. The events of that night hold the key to a mystery that will haunt generations to come...
In the scorching summer of 1975, Vivien (Lucy Cohu) arrives at Lightfields with her teenage daughter, Clare (Karla Crome). Fragile and estranged from her husband, Vivien does not initially understand why she has been drawn to the farmhouse. She has no memory of it though she was evacuated to the area during the war. But over time disturbing supernatural events force her to confront the childhood trauma that is at the root of her troubled mind....
In 2012, Barry (Danny Webb) and his wife, Lorna (Sophie Thompson) have recently moved in and are trying to set the farmhouse up as a Bed & Breakfast whilst also trying to raise their 8 year old grandson, Luke. When Barry’s 77 year old father (Pip from 1944) arrives to live with them, he strikes up an understanding with Luke.
It seems momentarily as if Barry’s worries are over, but Pip’s presence serves to disturb the restless spirit in the house which seems intent on unravelling and unlocking the past...The pressure builds when out of the blue, the boy’s estranged father, Paul (Kris Marshall), turns up demanding full custody of their 8 year old son, Luke, at any cost. If Barry takes his eye off the ball, even for a moment, the consequences for Luke could be fatal....
Ultimately, there is the chance for resolution for all of the characters in Lightfields, the living as well as the dead. The story culminates in 2012, when an elderly visitor to the B&B finally reveals the truth behind that fateful night in 1944...


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