Curious George: Follow That Monkey!

ITV 1 · Animantion · 20 Dec 2011 · by: ITV

The cutest and most inquisitive little monkey around returns in the funny and heartwarming sequel to 2006’s hit animated feature. Curious George’s friend Ted – aka The Man with the Yellow Hat – is delighted to learn that he has been chosen
to replace his boss, who is retiring, as head of the museum. However, Ted must
first win over the board of directors. Meanwhile, George has developed an interest in Kayla, an elephant who is appearing in The Great Piccadilly’s Magic Show. When
Kayla ‘disappears’ on stage during a performance, George’s curiosity gets the better of him. He follows her, and the pair head off for some adventures in the city. Piccadilly’s head of security and a reporter who is anxious for a scoop head off in pursuit, thinking that Kayla has been kidnapped. But George realises that the little pachyderm just misses her family, so he and Kayla slip aboard a freight train bound for California – joined at the last minute by Ted. As their hectic cross-country journey unfolds, the unlikely trio come up against a plethora of comic
calamities and colourful characters. Will Kayla be reunited with her siblings? And
will Ted make it back in time for his presentation? Featuring the voices of Tim Curry, Jerry Lewis, Jamie Kennedy, Matt Lauer and Clint Howard. CITV presents a fast-paced and outrageously funny animated series with a seriously gross sense of
humour! Based on the popular books by award-winning British writing duo Knife and Packer, the show follows the adventures of eponymous hero Fleabag Monkeyface and his two creators Gene and Gerald. Gene and Gerald are best friends and fans of all things grossly silly. In each episode, the trio present an edition of their hit
TV series Gross Out TV. Their show was given to them to produce when
its original presenter, Dr Dirk Spamflex, turned evil and tried to take over the world. Dr Dirk tried to do this with Earmageddon, a monster he had created entirely from earwax. Luckily, Gene, Gerald and Fleabag scuppered Dr Dirk’s plans, and they inherited his weekly TV slot, banishing Spamflex to obscurity in the process.
But now Dr Dirk wants his show back and he will use any means – however dastardly or crazed – in his attempts to achieve his objective.

Christmas Eve, 9.25am


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