The Adventures Of Abney And Teal

BBC One · Animantion · 26 Sep 2011 · by: BBC

The Adventures Of Abney And Teal is a funny and timeless 2D and 3D animation made entirely from hand-drawn and painted elements, with a contemporary yet handcrafted feel. It retains the style of the artist, Joel Stewart's original work, and is produced by award-winning Ragdoll Productions.

Abney and Teal are two friends who live on an island in the middle of a lake, in the middle of a park, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the big city. They share their island home with a group of friendly and hilarious characters, and together they are always ready for adventure.

On Monday, Abney and Teal make lots of porridge to warm them up on a cold and gloomy day. They make so much that they decide to have a porridge party. Teal can't sleep on Tuesday and spots a beautiful shooting star. She wakes up Abney and the Poc-Pocs to help her catch one for herself.

Wednesday finds Abney and Teal worrying because the Poc-Pocs aren't poc-ing; they aren't interested in porridge or games so Teal decides that they need a holiday. There's a wild storm on the island on Thursday but as Abney and Teal shelter they realise that two of the Poc-Pocs are missing. Can Abney and Teal save them? And on Friday, Teal has found an old tyre to do tricks with but when the tyre gets stuck around Bop's tummy, the other friends must help him.


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