New Tricks – Moving Target

BBC One · Drama · 01 Aug 2011 · by: BBC

When psychologist Samantha Gerson arrives at UCOS to conduct a study on older men in the workplace, she is greeted by a mixed reception, as the drama continues.

But Samantha isn't just interested in the three ex-coppers. She needs a favour and asks Pullman to look at her brother's case. Darren Gerson, a cycle courier, was the victim of a hit and run in May 2006 which left him with a serious brain injury and complete memory loss of anything prior to the accident. Following intense rehabilitation, Darren now believes he was a target because of the package he was carrying which he thinks was stolen from him at the scene, but he still has no recollections to substantiate his claim.

While the team look into Darren's final pick up, Samantha continues her study and, after observing Halford, Lane and Standing being "normal" in the office, a simple word association test proves slightly more challenging.

Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman is played by Amanda Redman, Jack Halford by James Bolam, Gerry Standing by Dennis Waterman, Brian Lane by Alun Armstrong, Samantha Gerson by Sally Phillips and Darren Gerson by Tim Plester.

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