New Tricks – Lost In Translation

BBC One · Drama · 15 Jul 2011 · by: BBC

The UCOS team are drawn into a world of immigration loopholes, Albanian gangs and family feuds when they reinvestigate the death of an unidentified male discovered on farmland in 1996.

New DNA tests on the charred remains reveal a family link to Home Office fingerprint analyst Anna King. Anna admits that the victim could be her brother, David Celaj, who brought her to the UK from Albania when she was seven. They were granted political asylum and Anna was adopted by a British couple, Rachel and Alan King, but she hasn't seen her brother since.

The team discovers Celaj was working as a police interpreter. His last assignment was to translate for a witness, Maria Mullat, testifying in a murder case against Michael Luga, a notorious Albanian criminal.

Meanwhile, Gerry immerses himself in all things French on a cookery course but the language barrier results in a rather surprising date over a bouillabaisse.

Anna King is played by Lucy Liemann, Rachel King by Karen Archer, Alan King by John Bowe, Maria Mullat by Myriam Acharki, Michael Luga by Clive Russell and Gerry Standing by Dennis Waterman. New Tricks also stars Amanda Redman as Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman, James Bolam as Jack Halford and Alun Armstrong as Brian Lane.

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