New Tricks – Good Morning Lemmings, Ep 5/10

BBC One · Crime · 06 Oct 2010 · by: BBC

The team reinvestigate the death of celebrated graffiti artist Danny "Flak" Tyler when graffiti claiming "I Killed Flak" starts appearing in different London locations – including where Danny's body was found four years ago, as the drama following a team of ex-policeman brought out of retirement to investigate unsolved cases from the past continues.

Originally part of graffiti gang the Maze Crew, Danny went solo, hitting the big time when wealthy art patron Sir David Bryant decided to support his work. Danny's departure from the Maze Crew and his subsequent success caused tensions within the gang which led to them disbanding shortly after he left. But could one of the gang have held a big enough grudge to have killed him?

Pullman and Halford visit Sara Hamlyn's gallery where she is holding a retrospective exhibition of Danny's work. His death has sent prices for his canvases rocketing with individual pieces fetching more than £200,000. Sir David Bryant appears to have been his greatest investor, but recent financial problems have forced him to sell all but two of Danny's works. Every picture tells a story and it is Danny's elusive final painting which could provide the team with the answer to his death.

Meanwhile, Brian Lane proves you're never too old to "tweet" when he embraces the popular phenomenon of social networking via Twitter. Giving himself the unlikely tag of TopCop999, he keeps his followers up to date with regular instalments on the life of a gritty detective. However, TopCop999's latest hobby isn't going down well in the office.

Sir David Bryant is played by Simon MacCorkindale, Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman by Amanda Redman, Jack Halford by James Bolam, Sara Hamlyn by Haydn Gwynne, Brian Lane by Alun Armstrong and Gerry Standing by Dennis Waterman.

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