Horrid Henry

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Something horrible is exploding back on to our TV screens this winter!

Horrid Henry, based on the best-selling books, will be bringing his own special brand of mayhem to CITV with brand new episodes.
Henry is horrid – his parents, younger brother, schoolteachers, neighbours and relatives all say so. The four little words Henry hears on a daily basis are: ‘Henry, don’t be horrid!’ If someone has put itching powder in a classmate’s swimming trunks, sold their brother as a slave or flattened all the tents
on the family camping holiday, you can bet it’s Henry.

Horrid Henry

Henry is Lord High Excellent Majesty of the Purple Hand gang. He loves comics, money and practical jokes but hates brothers, injections, homework and well-meaning adults.

From where Henry’s standing, life is just not fair – the rest of the world is against him. Teachers, relatives and babysitters alike try to avoid him at all costs. Even his parents argue over whose turn it is to look after him. Henry isn’t trying to be truly horrid – it’s just something that comes naturally to him.
Horrid Henry has been leaving his (grubby) mark on the best-seller lists for some time. The Horrid Henry books, by Francesca Simon, have been translated for many territories around the world and have sold more than six million copies in the UK alone.

Lively, loud, funny and colourful, this animation series appeals to children and parents alike, many of whom are already familiar with his misadventures from years of bedtime reading.


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