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BBC Three · Comedy ·

Siblings is BBC Three’s new sitcom about the worst brother and sister in the world.

Plebs. A brand new comedy on ITV2

ITV 2 · Comedy ·

Plebs is a thoroughly modern comedy with an ancient setting. The series will follow three desperate young men from the suburbs as they try to get laid, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city – a city that just happens to be Ancient Rome!

The Spa

The Spa

SKY LIVING HD · Comedy ·

The series follows the staff and clients of a spa that proudly boasts it can cure anyone: the fat, thin or lazy. but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Threesome - the Finale episode

Comedy Central · Comedy ·

B-Day is nearly upon us! To celebrate they throw a ‘Final Push’ fancy dress party – one last blast of chaos before the baby comes


Comedy Central · Comedy ·


Two and a Half Men Season 9 - Ashton Kutcher’s debut

Comedy Central · Comedy ·

Ashton Kutcher will bring to the brand new season nine of Two and a Half Men as Internet billionaire Walden Schmidt.

Gary – Tank Commander: Too Many Chefs

BBC One · Comedy ·

Following a prank that goes wrong, Sergeant Thomson takes a brief break from his day off to punish Gary and the boys.

In With The Flynns

BBC One · Comedy ·

Following a pregnancy scare, Liam and Caroline agree that Liam should have a vasectomy, as the new comedy about real family life continues.

Horrible Histories

BBC One · Comedy ·

The multi-award-winning Horrible Histories returns with another series packed with fascinating facts, silly songs, popular pastiches and gruesome gags.

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle – Stand Up

BBC Two · Comedy ·

No one wants to see a middle-aged stand-up comedian reach for a guitar. But that's exactly what Stewart Lee has decided to do in this fourth episode of his new series.

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