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Tudor Monastery Farm 3/6 (Wednesday 27 November)

BBC Two · BBC ·

Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold turn the clock back over 500 years to run a farm at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum in West Sussex exactly as it would have been in 1500, during the reign of the first Tudor King, Henry VII.

Nigel And Adam's Farm Kitchen 2/4 (Wednesday 27 November)

BBC One · BBC ·

In this second episode, Nigel and Adam look at the disappearing notion of seasonality. With imports and technology allowing us to eat whatever we want, all year round, the boys aim to put us back in touch with nature’s food cycle.

Refugees Of The Lost Rain Forest

BBC Four · BBC ·

Incredible, never-seen-before footage of the 'miracle birth' of a Sumatran orangutan is at the heart of this captivating BBC documentary filmed to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Jersey’s Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Hebburn 3/6 (Tuesday 26 November)

BBC Two · BBC ·

While Pauline’s away on a training day, Joe and Dot play, in the good room, breaking all the rules and more in the process. Arthur tells Joe his intentions towards his mother, but Joe would rather not know.

Strange Days - Cold War Britain 3/3 (Tuesday 26 November)

BBC Two · BBC ·

In the last episode of this series looking at the impact of the Cold War in Britain, historian Dominic Sandbrook looks at how the economic vitality of the West and our credit-fuelled consumerism began to leave the Soviet economic model trailing behind.

Last Tango In Halifax 2/6 (Tuesday 26 November)

BBC One · BBC ·

As the BAFTA-winning series continues, we join Alan and Celia at their romantic but secret nuptials.

EastEnders (26.11.2013)

BBC One · BBC ·

Roxy is over the moon that she will soon be married to Alfie – but will everything go ahead as planned?

Wizards Vs Aliens (26.11.2013)


On Tuesday, trapped in a distant dangerous realm, Tom and Lexi must find ways to survive together – but is their friendship capable of becoming something more?

Wizards Vs Aliens (25.11.2013)


In Monday's episode of Wizards Vs Aliens, Tom Clarke faces his greatest challenge yet, when a mysterious elevator takes him to Floor 13...

Light And Dark 2/2 (Monday 25 November)

BBC Four · BBC ·

In this second episode, Professor Al-Khalili takes us on a journey of discovery into the seemingly empty spaces between the stars, which actually contain the vast majority of everything that is out there.

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