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Tracy Beaker Returns to CBBC

CBBC · TV Rating · 03 Jan 2012

Award-winning Tracy Beaker Returns is back on CBBC with a brand new, action-packed third series, which will be broadcast in the New Year.

Tracy Beaker Returns – Chain Reaction

CBBC · Drama · 23 Mar 2011

Tracy Beaker reveals that she has more in common with Dumping Ground residents than they thought when she breaks down in the last of this series of Tracy Beaker Returns.

Tracy Beaker Returns – Grandad

CBBC · Drama · 17 Mar 2011

After discovering his grandad has passed away, a devastated Frank struggles to pay tribute to his elderly relative in the penultimate episode

Tracy Beaker Returns – Out Of Control

CBBC · Drama · 01 Mar 2011

When Liam is caught riding on a mobility scooter parked outside a shop, he ends up doing community service in the elderly care home

Tracy Beaker Returns – A Day In The Country

CBBC · BBC · 17 Feb 2011

Jacqueline Wilson's Bafta-winning drama about the kids and carers in a children's home continues, as Mike arranges an activity weekend in the country

Tracy Beaker Returns – Money, Ep 5/13

CBBC · Drama · 28 Jan 2011

Toby thinks his luck is in when he finds a big bag of cash dumped in the garden

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