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Big School returns


It may be start of a new year at Greybridge School, but the teaching staff are as dysfunctional as ever as Big School returns to BBC One for a brand-new term.
This year the teachers are joined by a host of guest stars, including Morgana Robinson as children’s author Fenella Forbes, Jimmy Akingbola as the dashing new geography teacher Dr Dalton, Jack Caroll as new pupil Dean, Sylvestra le Touzel as a School Inspector, Michele Dotrice as the mother of Mr Gunn and Karen Taylor as a parent of one of the Greybridge pupils.

In the opening episode, Miss Postern (Catherine Tate) and Mr Church’s (David Walliams) relationship has taken a downward turn after a misunderstanding over a date and the woefully underqualified Mr Gunn (Philip Glenister) is now teaching geography as Mr Barber’s (Steve Spiers) got a new job as the school caretaker.

When Miss Postern sets up a careers workshop, it seems her slogan ‘Which way now?’ applies as much to her as it does her pupils, not least because the guest speaker is her old teacher training colleague (and now best-selling children’s author) Fenella Forbes.

But at least things are looking up for one member of staff, as it seems Mr Martin (Daniel Rigby) is about to launch a successful pop career...


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