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New Tricks returns for 11th series



The new 10-part series sees cast members Tamzin Outhwaite (Sasha Miller) and Nicholas Lyndhurst (Dan Griffin), who were introduced at the end of the last series, established alongside Denis Lawson (Steve McAndrew) and Dennis Waterman (Gerry Standing) as the team of retired ex-coppers reinvestigating the Met’s unsolved crimes.
Richard Burrell, Executive Producer, says: “The end of the last series was very much about Tamzin’s character, Sasha Miller, getting her feet under the table as the new boss of UCOS. The starting point for this series is, its six months later, they know each other, they know how to rib each other, they know how to wind each other up and they’re up and running to have new adventures.

"The other point about the new series is with the new team in place we go back to 10 separate stories, with a variety of character issues weaved throughout each episode for one, or all, of the main cast. It’s also an opportunity for the audience to get to know and fall in love with each of the characters.”

Producer, Tom Mullens, adds: “There’s definitely a new dynamic within the team, the format is still the same with three unruly boys running rings around their boss. Tamzin’s character brings something slightly different to the dynamic and so do the guys and there are different relationships to explore between them all.”

Richard Burrell adds: “Along with the team dynamic, humour continues to play a big part in New Tricks and is potentially one of the things that sets it apart from other cop shows, and it doesn’t need to come out of banana skin jokes, here it comes out of a relationship or situation.

“In episode one we concentrate on Gerry Standing’s character and his upbringing in Bermondsey, the people he used to know, and at the heart of that episode there is still a meaty case to be solved. He’s asked to find out what happened to the grandson of one of his friends.

"Every episode is different, strong crime stories throughout. We meet Steve McAndrew’s wife, played by Julie Graham who has to deal with his son who turns up unexpectedly, Sasha Miller has to deal with her ex-husband, who is also a cop and Dan is dealing with empty nest syndrome when his daughter leaves for university, so we play those character stories throughout.”
In terms of what Tamzin’s character of Sasha brings to New Tricks, Richard explains: “Amanda Redman’s character of Pullman, worked and operated in a different Metropolitan Police and we were aware she was tough, she ruled with a rod of iron, because in that era, as a woman, you had to be like that in the police force, you had to be tougher than the men to be taken seriously. With Sasha Miller you can be your own woman, the methodology of policing is more inclusive as reflected in many work places and I think that’s what we’ve bought to the character of Sasha.”

Guest artists featured in this series include Phil Davis, Nicola Stephenson, Sophie Thompson, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Claire Goose, David Hayman, Niamh Cusack, Louis Emerick, Amy Nutall and Tom Georgeson.

New Tricks is made by Wall To Wall Television (a Warner Bros Television Production) executive produced by Richard Burrell for Wall To Wall and Polly Hill for BBC One, and produced by Tom Mullens.

New Tricks was recommissioned by Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC One, and Ben Stephenson, Controller of BBC Drama Commissioning.

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