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New Tricks – Fashion Victim

BBC One · TV Week · 14 Oct 2010 · by: BBC

A retrospective exhibition of the late fashion designer Ritchie Levene's work prompts the team to reinvestigate his murder, as the drama about retired police offers re-examining old cases continues.

Since Ritchie was stabbed to death at his 40th birthday party three years ago, his ex-wife Sarah has been campaigning for the case to be reopened and uses the exhibition to increase pressure.

Ritchie was a brilliant designer, but he wasn't a businessman. He left his financial affairs in the hands of his brother Adrian, who ultimately inherited the company on Ritchie's death. While Ritchie's relationship with his brother was tempestuous his other personal relationships were equally challenging. Ritchie's new wife Alison's junkie ex-boyfriend had moved in with them; his PA, Melanie, was infatuated with him; and his ex-wife Sarah was struggling to come to terms with the end of their marriage.

Sarah makes it clear to the team that she believes there can be only one outcome to their investigation – the arrest of her former brother-in-law Adrian. He certainly had the most to gain from his brother's death – professionally and personally – but is Adrian really a cold-blooded killer?

The world of high fashion isn't the most natural environment for three ageing ex-coppers, but the case has a surprising affect on Gerry. Enlisting Emily's help, he decides it's time to update his image, the results of which aren't to everyone's taste.

Amanda Redman plays Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman, James Bolam plays Jack Halford, Dennis Waterman plays Gerry Standing, Alun Armstrong plays Brian Lane, Hannah Waterman plays Emily Driscoll, Rupert Graves plays Adrian Levene, Belinda Stewart-Wilson plays Sarah Levene and Anna Louise Plowman plays Alison Levene.

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