Margin Call


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Risk manager Eric Dale (Tucci) has just been made redundant from a major US investment bank. However, before his exit, Dale alerts smart young analyst Peter Sullivan (Quinto) to a project he was working on – one which shows that the firm’s dealings will soon bring the financial markets to catastrophic collapse.
Soon the top brass of the company are all involved, but despite them having the best minds in the business, is it a case of ‘too little too late’ for the multibillion-dollar corporate machine? 
An outstanding cast and an Oscar®-nominated screenplay bring the 2008 financial crisis to life in riveting fashion. Writer/director Chandor gives the dialogue plenty of clout but keeps a humour and realism present that, despite its heavy subject matter, makes Margin Call thoroughly entertaining.
In a cast packed with both venerable and up-and- coming talent, Spacey and Jeremy Irons (as the Lehman Brothers-style firm’s imposing CEO) give stand-out performances. Proceedings are also boosted by the inclusion of Penn Badgley (Easy A), Simon Baker (The Mentalist) and Demi Moore.


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