John Carter


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No sooner has Confederate veteran John Carter (Kitsch) finished with one civil war than he is thrown into another. After fleeing from a Unionist colonel into a remote Arizona cave the grizzled soldier finds and kills a mysterious being in the darkness. As his foe breathes his dying breath, his medallion transports Carter across millions of miles to the red planet of Barsoom.
He encounters a warring world, where battles are being waged between two cities of human-like Therns, while the tribal, four-armed Tharks look on. Away from earth, Carter has acquired superhuman strength and agility, which makes him a much sought after weapon. However, having already spent half his life fighting for a cause, is he ready to take up arms again?
A film that cost around $250million to produce needed to be mind-blowing to meet expectations and, while the slightly laboured storyline falls short, the CGI and battle sequences are just that.
The transition from animation to live action hasn’t been as seamless for WALL-E director Stanton as his Pixar contemporary Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), and clawing back that immense studio outlay has been a hard slog, but taken on face value this big-hitting fantasy epic is rollicking fun with some brilliantly energetic fight scenes.


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