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New Yorker Lisa Cohen (Paquin) is a typical carefree teenager until a split-second tragedy seems to completely change her outlook on life. In coquettishly trying to grab the attention of bus driver Maretti (Ruffalo), Lisa distracts him, causing him to hit and kill a pedestrian (Allison Janney). Consumed with guilt, Lisa grows intent on making up for her part in the accident but, as she lashes out at those around her, it seems this could just be the self-absorbed student’s latest attempt to place herself at the centre of the universe.
Eleven years after his directorial debut – the Oscar®-nominated You Can Count on Me – Lonergan returns with this sprawling drama featuring a powerful performance from True Blood star Paquin.
Production wrangles over feature duration have left Margaret sitting on the shelf since late 2005 (Lonergan desired a three-hour cut while the studio demanded two). The upstairs conflict has taken its toll on a film which at times lacks focus but has regardless been met with a great deal of critical acclaim, featuring in the 2011 top ten lists of The Guardian, The Telegraph and Time Out. Lengthy and challenging, Margaret might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Lonergan has created a profound, emotionally resonant piece of work that has, deservedly, finally seen the light of day.


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