Streetdance 2


Sky Movies Premiere

After a knockout performance by champion street dance crew Invincible, arena usher and talented dancer Ash (Hentschel) decides to take the opportunity to show them what he’s got. But after messing up a move he’s laughed off stage, leaving Invincible to throw down a challenge to any troupes looking to take them on at the Final Clash battle in two months’ time.
Ash and his self-appointed manager Eddie (Sampson) decide to assemble a crew of the best raw street dancing talent from around the globe. However when they meet sexy salsa dancer Eva (Boutella) in Paris, Ash wonders if adding a Latin flavour might be the thing to give their routines the edge. But can he convince his crew of B-boys and body poppers to change up their style, as well as keeping his burgeoning attraction to Eva in check?
In 2010, StreetDance 3D was a surprise hit, taking over £11million at the UK box office and becoming the biggest British indie of the year.
There’s no Diversity in this straightforward sequel but Britain’s Got Talent compatriots Sampson and Flawless return while young Got to Dance winner Akai joins the party. With most of the cast hired for their incredible dancing rather than their credible acting the rote plot holds little dramatic heft, but it’s the jaw-dropping dance sequences that are the real draw.


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