The Hot Potato


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It’s the late 1960s, and East End geezers Kenny (Winstone) and Danny (Huston) think they may be in luck. After an accident in a nearby government building, the pair have come across a lump of uranium, and they reckon it’s worth a bob or two.
 With the help, and occasional hindrance, of shady criminal Harry Fisher (Meaney) they begin to weed out a buyer for their treasure, which sparks off an adventure crisscrossing Europe. Before long, their suitors are at each other’s throats, and Kenny and Danny are in way over their heads.
Winstone and Meaney lead an impressive cast of British and Irish stars, who assemble for director Lewiston’s respectable first feature. Largely standard fare, but flirting with moments of great Brit comedy, The Hot Potato proves enjoyable throughout and even includes a big screen debut from TV presenter Louise Redknapp.

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