Jeff, Who Lives at Home


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Everything happens for a reason, at least according to 30-year-old layabout Jeff (Segel), who slobs in his mother’s basement, living life in the shadow of his supposedly successful brother Pat (Helms), a middle manager at a mediocre company.
In a bid to get him out of the house, patient but anxious mother Sharon (Sarandon) sends Jeff on an errand to buy some wood glue, but his obsession with fate – and M Night Shyamalan’s movie Signs – leads him on a meandering course that involves basketball, weed and some amateur sleuthing with Pat, who is certain his wife (Greer) is having an affair.
There’s something of nothing in this ambling comedy from the Duplass brothers, who previously directed the similarly-styled Cyrus. The scripting feels natural and warm, helped by nuanced performances from the cast, Sarandon in particular. As a lonely and vulnerable single parent, her awkward courting of a secret admirer is a funny and affecting subplot that helps take the pressure off the sometimes slow main storyline. Segel and Helms share a decent chemistry, with the latter injecting some urgency into a film that jaunts gently to its comforting conclusion.


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