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The navy life seems inevitable for directionless Hawaiian Alex Hopper (Kitsch). His brother Stone (Skarsgård) is a decorated commander and his beautiful girlfriend Sam (Brooklyn Decker) is a respected naval physiotherapist who happens to be daughter of the admiral (Neeson).
Now, despite his constant failings, the international naval ‘war games’ competition approaches and he has the chance to impress. Once they get out to sea, the games take a strange turn. Stone’s ship encounters a massive mechanical object which, when it comes to life, embroils them in an epic extraterrestrial battle to ensure the survival of mankind.
This attempt at converting the classic board game into a feature-length action spectacular doesn’t quite hit square A-1, but has a bucketful of fun aiming for it. The impressive line-up of talent including Neeson, John Carter’s Kitsch and an encouraging debut from pop princess Rihanna, all get in on the joyfully clichéd action one-liners. Once the destruction starts, the storyline goes out the window, replaced by unchallenging, gratifyingly expensive (boasting a budget of more than $200million), cinematic extravagance.


9:00 pm
23 Jun
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