Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher) puts his life as an undercover government assassin behind him to settle down with gorgeous computer wizard Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl). However, their domestic bliss is shattered when he learns he's the target of a multi-million dollar hit. Even worse, the hired killers have been stalking the happy couple for years, and could be anyone: friends, neighbours, the grocery store worker... Comedy-action from The Ugly Truth director Robert Luketic.

Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl must escape assassins in this action comedy from the director of Legally Blonde.

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Duration: 96 minutes

Actors: Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Tom Selleck, Catherine O'Hara, Alex Borstein

Director: Robert Luketic


10:00 pm
17 Jun
TV listing -  Sky 3Britain's Most Evil Killers
9:00 pm
19 Jun
TV listing -  Living TvBritain's Most Evil Killers
12:00 am
20 Jun
TV listing -  Living TvBritain's Most Evil Killers


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