The Mummy

The dust never settles in this breakneck fantasy adventure starring Brendan Fraser as a dashing American archaeologist and Rachel Weisz as an English librarian. In 1920s Egypt, Rick O'Connell (Fraser) and Evelyn (Weisz) plus were wastrel brother John Hannah unwittingly revive Arnold Vosloo's evil high priest Imhotep. Cue collapsing temples and some extremely creepy, scuttling scarabs.

119 minutes

Genre: Adventure, Modern Great

Duration: Fantasy

Actors: Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Jonathan Hyde, Kevin J O'Connor

Director: Stephen Sommers


5:40 pm
24 Mar
TV listing -  ITV 2The Mummy Returns
6:50 pm
24 Mar
TV listing -  ITV 2The Mummy Returns
1:55 pm
28 Mar
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