Security Guard David Dunn (Bruce Willis) survives a train crash in which 130 people die. Comic book specialist Elijah Price (Samuel L Jackson) then seeks him out to tell him his own fragile condition is the complete opposite of Dunn's apparent indestructibility. They "seem to be linked by a curve, but sitting on opposite ends" but as they find themselves drawn together, a horrifying reality emerges. A sceptical Dunn must confront the truth in twistmonger M Night Shyamalan's worthy follow-up to The Sixth Sense.

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Genre: Sci-fi, 102 minutes

Duration: From the Sixth Sense director is this superhero movie with Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson.

Actors: Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson, Robin Wright Penn, Spencer Treat Clark



10:00 pm
25 Mar
TV listing -  BBC 2 Northern IrelandTГ­r Eoghain: The Unbreakable Bond


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