Film Four · Thriller · 09 Jan 2012 · by: Film 4

Pierre Morel's futuristic thriller is set in the Paris of the near future. As the arrondissements become more rebellious, the government respond by walling in the worst offenders in District 13. But when the District's 'ruler' Taha Bemamud (Bibi Naceri) acquires a nuclear bomb, it's up to local cop Damien Tomaso (Cyril Raffaelli) and vigilante Leïto (David Belle) to save the day. The Luc Besson-scripted film is enlivened by the two leads who are both parkour (free running) experts and their astonishing agility becomes the focus of this wonderfully ridiculous action film. In French with English subtitles.

The extreme sport of free running is the centrepiece of this entertaining action thriller.

Genre: Thriller, Action

Duration: 81 minutes

Actors: Dany Verissimo, Bibi Naceri, Tony D'Amario, David Belle, Cyril Rafaelli

Director: Pierre Morel

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