Channel 4 · Action · 25 Aug 2011 · by: Channel4

Brett Ratner's martial arts/ action-comedy sequel starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. When the Chinese Ambassador to the US (Tzi Ma) is shot while in the act of divulging the whereabouts of a major Triad leader, the American authorities once more send Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) and Detective James Carter (Tucker) into the fray. Lee quickly corners the would-be assassin, Kenji (Hiroyuki Sanada), but the shock of coming face-to-face with an old friend gives the baddie just enough time to escape. Kenji's trail leads the mismatched cops to Paris, where car chases and a sequence among the under-dressed dancers of the Folies Bergère await them, plus rather a lot of dodgy French stereotypes and a finale atop the Eiffel Tower. Also starring Youki Kudoh and Noémie Lenoir, together with, in unlikely cameos, Max von Sydow and Roman Polanski. Network premiere.


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