Film Four · Action · 29 Sep 2010 · by: Film 4

ChowYun-Fat stars as an ageless Tibetan monk whose task is to guard the mystical The Scroll of the Ultimate from modern-day Nazis. He rescued the Scroll from their clutches in 1943, denying them victory in the war but the fascists still want it so the Third Reich will rise again. Now in modern day New York, he seeks an apprentice and finds one in the unlikely guise of Kar (Seann William Scott), a punk pickpocket. Teaching Kar both the history of the scroll and the martial arts skills he will need to defend it, the pair must also fend off the enemy, who are beginning to close in, led by ageing Nazi Strucker (Karl Roden) and his fanatical granddaughter Nina (Victoria Smurfit).

Paul Hunter uses his MTV background to create fast-edited, thrilling action scenes as the martial-arts duo use all their skills to fight off the baddies - Yun-Fat is, of course, a veteran of the genre. If the plot is a little reminiscent of the first Indiana Jones film with the action of Crouching Tiger… added, there still enough originality to enjoy. Scott brings the charm evident from Dude, Where's My Car? and American Pie to bear while Smurfit, best known to TV viewers for Ballykissangel, Trial and Retribution and Cold Feet is surprisingly menacing as the baddie.


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