Film Four · Comedy · 01 Sep 2010 · by: Film4

After Dumb and Dumber and Kingpin , this was the Farrelly brothers' breakthrough movie, an all-round laugh-out-loud comedy of bad taste leavened by stand-out performances from a top-notch cast. Ben Stiller plays high school geek Ted, invited to the prom by the gorgeous Mary (Cameron Diaz). He can hardly believe his luck; but the night goes wrong when he arrives to pick up his date, and has a painful accident in the toilet, failing to stow his tackle before zipping up. Thirteen years later Ted still yearns for what might have been and hires private dick Pat Healy (Matt Dillon) to find Mary. The detective succeeds but also falls for her and feeds Ted false information so he can keep her for himself. But a suspicious Ted takes matters into his own hands and finds he's in the middle of a love pentagon also involving an architect (Lee Evans) and an NFL quarterback (Brett Favre). Throw in gags involving a speed-freaked dog, Mary's use of what she believes is Ted's hair gel and a minstrel troupe who follow Ted around and you have a comedy that may not be subtle but is very, very funny.


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