Old School


Old SchoolMitch (Luke Wilson) comes back from a business trip early and is shocked to find out that his girlfriend Heidi takes part in orgies with a variety of people. She claims it is purely sexual but nevertheless Mitch does not want to continue the relationship. Mitch encounters his high school crush, Nicole (Ellen Pompeo), at his friend Frank’s (Will Ferrell) wedding party. He is drunk and does not make a good impression, accidentally spilling hot coffee on her. After his break-up with his girlfriend, Mitch goes house-hunting. He finds a house located near the campus of his alma mater, Harrison University.

Mitch’s other best friend Bernard (Vince Vaughn) throws a party for Mitch so that he can get his mind off his ex-girlfriend. Called Mitch-a-palooza, Snoop Dogg and Kokane perform Eric B & Rakim's track "Paid in Full" at the large house party. The party is a huge success and also puts Mitch and his friends at the top of the college social scene. During the party, Frank (a recovered alcoholic) gets drunk and goes streaking naked through the neighborhood and is found by his new wife and her friends, straining their relationship.

Old School is a 2003 comedy film released by DreamWorks and directed by Todd Phillips. The film was written by Phillips and Scot Armstrong. The film stars Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell as three thirty-somethings who seek to re-live their college days by starting a fraternity, and the tribulations they encounter in doing so.


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