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Analogue terrestrial television


Analogue terrestrial television in the United Kingdom is, traditionally, the method most people in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man used to receive television. Analogue terrestrial television is currently being phased out in the UK and will be completely replaced by digital terrestrial television in the United Kingdom by 2012.

Channels available

The following channels, all of which are free-to-air, are available on a national basis: BBC One, BBC Two, ITV (made up of a number of regional franchises), Channel 4 (S4C in Wales), Five

While most of the UK population can receive all of the channels, not all services may be available in all areas; Five, in particular, does not have as great a coverage as the other channels, with only 70% coverage (compared to 99% for the other four channels). Furthermore, there are a number a smaller local channels available in particular areas, such as Channel M, which is available in Manchester, and Six TV, which is available in Oxford, Southampton, Reading and Portsmouth.

BBC One and BBC Two both have some regional programmes, such as the local news. The ITV Network is made up of a number of regional operators, though most are now owned by ITV plc and virtually indistinguishable from each other as they all broadcast the nearly identical output and do not use their regional names onscreen any more.


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