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TCM (Turner Classic Movies) is a 24-hour cable, satellite and digital terrestrial film channel that launched in the US in 1994 and in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa in 1999 as part of the Time Warner group. TCM gives viewers the opportunity to escape to a world of film and enjoy a vast range of unforgettable movies from all genres. Broadening the cinematic experience, viewers can enhance their enjoyment of the world’s most popular art form with exclusive documentaries, OFF SET interviews with Hollywood insiders and a front row seat at global film events.

TCM is available in just over 35 million households throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East in eight regional versions in thirteen languages: English, French, Spanish, Nowegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Greek, Russian, German, Romanian and Hebrew.

In the UK TCM can be found on SKY 319; Virgin TV 419; Top Up TV ANYTIME

TCM's entire output from 13:00 daily is on TCM 2 from 19:00 onwards.

TCM 2 can be found next to TCM on SKY 320

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