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BBC2 Wales transmits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It transmits much the same programmes as all the other BBC2 channels but with regional variations

BBC Wales' primary purpose remains the same as any of its BBC counterparts: to provide the distinctive, diverse and high-quality programmes which have given the BBC its enviable international reputation for decades.

As well as providing comprehensive coverage of current affairs, this local television output aims to inform, enrich and entertain the people of Wales reflecting, in the process, the many facets of their lives. With a strengthened capacity to report local political and other developments, coupled with an opportunity to show through network access all that is best in their local community, this channel keeps the focus of its broadcasting on Wales.

As well as their commitment to broadcast 7 days week over the air, BBC Wales is also supported by their own Online Web Site that continues to inform, educate and entertain in both English and Welsh. This web site contains information on: Sport, Education, Drama, Radio, etc... It also includes Competitions, Talk Back opportunities, Games, and much more. This web site also offers you either English or Gaelic options.

Telephone: 020 8743 8000

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